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Can you have tea and coffee together?

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  Whether tea and coffee are suitable for drinking together, first of all, we should have some understanding of the ingredients of tea and coffee.
  The chemical composition of tea caffeine, tannic acid, vitamin C, amino acid, catechins, flavonoids and phenols, class in addition to different colors, different tea contains ingredients also have differences, such as black tea caffeine content is the highest, the highest content of vitamin C and green tea.

  The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is the most noticeable of all its ingredients.It belongs to the plant xanthine (a type of animal muscle component), the nature and cocoa contain theobromine, theophylline containing green tea, also known as caffeine, caffeine in coffee, cocoa seeds and tea, have excited and diuretic effect.

  Moderate doses of caffeine can stimulate the cerebral cortex, promote the perception, judgment, memory, make a myocardial function become more lively. Coffee spiciness with rich nutrition and delicious, right amount drink with refreshing, eliminate fatigue and stomachic function, has already become people's taste and fashion.Tea is also the same, according to people's different preferences, generally suitable for drinking separately.

  If together drink tea and coffee, caffeine is easy too much, too much caffeine can stimulate the central nervous and the emergence of the unwell symptom such as insomnia, flustered, so better not to drink together, must be both drink, such as can stagger time, respectively to drink in the afternoon.