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What is a coffee capsule?

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The name coffee capsule translates entirely from its English name. Capsule means capsule, which means capsule.The name does, however, vividly reflect the characteristics of coffee capsules, which, like medical capsules, contain powdery substances in their gelatinous packaging.
Capsule has the advantage of, because the capsule wall quality of a material is relatively hard, good at high temperature to keep the prototype, so high pressure steam injection can be capsule, making coffee in the stress under the action of precipitate completely with crema, namely, full-bodied espresso coffee fat, can better guarantee the coffee flavour.Make the capsules, the coffee beans through special processing into powder after sealing in similar to the "fruit" aluminum platinum space, at the same time full of nontoxic inert gas in the capsule prolong shelf life again sterilization effect.
When the coffee needs to be brewed, put the coffee capsule into a special capsule coffee machine and press the blanking button. No other operation is required.The advantage of the capsule is that it is simple and convenient, and the quality of each cup of coffee produced is basically the same.