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Pet bottle filling machine

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The line is composed of bottle washing, filling, capping and label shrinking machine, used for PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, can fill mineral water, fruit juice, soy sauce, wine and so on. Machine adopt very simple electric controller and very easy adjustment,suit for various types of bottles, It is the ideal production line for beverage makers.

Technical Data:

Name&Model ZPC-12 Washer GC-12Filler
Capacity 2000-2500BPH 1500-3000BPH
Working Position 12 12
Volume of bottle 200-1500ML 200-1500ML
Power 0.75Kw 220/380V 0.75Kw 220/380V
Dimension 135x135x190CM 175x115x200CM
Weight 800Kgs 900Kgs

Name&Model BSL1535 Labeler Conveyor
Capacity 1500-2000BPH 100-2500BPH
Working Position    
Volume of bottle 200-1500ML  
Power 3.5KW 220/380V 0.75KW 220/380V
Dimension 105x60x80CM 100x72x220CM
Weight 80Kgs 200Kgs